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Sorry, but due to lost of my fishing boat it may be some time before I'll be posting again.
I have had a super time developing and even more fun using the App.

Please enjoy the App and have a Great Day!
Sorry due to personal lost no postings this year.
10-14-17 - Finishing Up for the year. On last day out with a friend finish year with a 4.2 & 3.8 lb smallmouth and one nice 2.2 lb trout. All in all this was a good year but not nearly as good as last year. Part of the problem catching Bass this year was large amount of Yellow perch hits. With nearly 200 in all caught myself. From what I hear it was a differcult year for most, Still I managed to catch a good amount of nice smallmouth bass. Largest this year 4.8 lbs. So now the long wait for another season
9/16/17 Sept report Still have to work at it  

It's been a tough year but still catching 3 and 4 pouders. On this day bagged three this was the largest. Had several yellow perch as well. First year to start keeping totals. To date 46 Bass, 43 trout and 229 yellow perch. I know this is way under last year, but on the bright side doing better than everyone I know :-). Everything now running deeper and I'm trying a longer leader of about 15'. The leader length may have a slight effect on depth but it's a foot or less.

  8/3/17 Bass now running inDeeper waters  What a great day just after running depth test for a App user's question. Spotted Bass and targeted their depth using App. Check out the results. Also watch an actual depth test from the Q & A area.
   6/23/17 Dialed Depth in perfectly.  

Fun Day lots of much improved activity just nothing outstanding in size. Must have dial depth in perfectly could have caught all day long. Smallmouth Bass still not in open waters should happen soon.

    5/31/17 Two On same Time  

Fishing improving we both almost got our limit today, but low on gas and wind started picking up so headed in after 2 1/2 hrs. This year’s cold weather and high winds conditions has ground me often. Don't know when good weather will start and my guess is Smallmouth Bass will dominate in a couple of weeks.

  5/24/17 3-Brown Trout-2 Yellow Perch   Much cooler spring - have to work lot harder to get them most others went completely dry I spoke with. All were down about 22 feet.
  This Year I Started Earlier, and currently I'm fishing for browns - Lure placement using App has make a huge differences. Increased catch by over 300% . In past I was letting to many colors out for my trolling speed. Total catch 7 Browns - 1 Yellow Perch. Lost another 4, and had 5 other hits.
  Well it's been a few days because of events for grand kids, and some very windy days just to strong to go out. However got out today and have to tell you I'm using the App. Got to be reason I'm pulling them in where years before lucky to get 3 or 4. I would show App during fishing, but it's on same phone I'm taking video with.
6 Browns - 4 Yellow Perch - Lost-3 Plus several other hits.
  Nice Day 6 Browns, 8 Yellow Perch and 1 hit no losts. This is forth time out each time my limit or greater. I like fishing. :)

Fifth Time out - even with high winds, weed and less time on the lake still able to get my limit. I'm convinced lure placement accuracy is everything, or at least 70%. Never before have I got or exceeded my allowed limit 5 times in a row. Wow!. Note comment in video on leader length (was 31' and lure weight was .5 oz). With heavier lure weight leader length could be a factor and this may be considered as an add on feature for the App in the future.

    There are some much bigger trout in this lake and I'm hoping to catch a few this year.
  We spotted Bass between 17-24 feet on the finder. Based on our trolling speed we released between 3 to 3.5 colors. Brian was just about to let it sink another foot.
We caught 4 Bass within 45 minutes (2.4, 2.6, 2.9, 4.3)lbs, and one yellow perch  Nice Smallmouth think we'll see more 4 lb plus in the next several weeks
  Also not mentioned in this video is the important factor of speed.  I vary speed depending on what I'm fishing for, and if I'm not catching, adjusting speed as well as my lure can make a bad day turn good. On one August day I caught 6 bass, lost 4, and had 3 additional hits. Also 3 yellow perch caught. Bass total weight that day was 21.23 lbs, all smallmouth.
  Well my season is almost at an end and it's hard to believe another year has gone by. I outfished last year, and set my personal record now to 5.2 lbs Smallmouth (see picture area), and a total one day catch of 31.56 lbs. For my location those are great numbers and going to be hard to beat next year. Hope you had a Great Year Too!