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Sorry, but due to lost of my fishing boat it may be some time before I'll be posting again.
I have had a super time developing and even more fun using the App.

Please enjoy the App and have a Great Day!
Sorry due to personal lost no postings rest of year.
  8/16/2018    Super nice day and some very nice smallmouth bass catches.
  July - 2018  Well just got trolling motor replaced so got out a couple of times. However not nearly as much as I'd like. Grandchildren have to catch up on outings too. I missed out on a lot of trout but Bass are starting to get active so hoping I can make up for all the lost outings. These are larger two of five Smallmouth and looks like some trout may still be caught.
  June Trout 2018   Well Marina where I keep boat got hit by a tornado. Did not sink boat but good amount of damage done and lost trolling motor. Access to marina cut off for a couple of weeks. I was able to get old recently caught nice 3 pound brown along with some smaller fish.
  7/27/17 Action now picking up.  Running little higher than normal targeting 18 feet.
    7/20/17 Bass Starting to run Deep Well finally the smouthmouth bass are starting to run in deeper water - these 3 around 24 feet down.  Caught largest on a divingVibrator lure. The interesting thing is this 11 foot diving lure had no effect on the depth of the lead core. Measured depth twice to confirm. I have to believe it was might be due to exceeding the rated dive depth of the lure. However just to many lures out there to do any diving lure analysis. Jigging at 18 and 24 feet produced 6 of the 9 catches for the day.
  7/13/17 Still waiting for Bass   Well had my share or Trout and now plenty of Yellow Perch as trout go deeper. I'm looking forward to Smallmouth Bass in deeper waters. However with colder spring and Lake 3 feet increase in depth they're much later this year. Got to beleive any day now.
  On vacation for a while. Just back fishing discovered Bass, and yellow perch are starting to dominate. Bass will soon turn on strong, and good lure placement may make this another Great Year. Stating off with 5 yellow perch, and this nice 3.8 pounder.
  Bass are just starting to turn on I believe they're late this year. They're easy to pick out on finder as the larger fish. Big trout may later appear in September. Most bass casting fishingman are reporting negative results. Trolling does cover a greater area so my day is a bit more positive. Bass feed on a time table of their own, you have to be there at the right time. If you are, and your lure is well placed all hell will break loose.   
  Just recently upgrade from 115hp to 150hp engine, and trolling speed at idle is faster so my App came in real handy.
I usually use engine against the wind and supplement with trolling motor, and only use trolling motor when trolling with the wind.
I decided on the 28th to play around with different trolling speeds and see how the Bass reacted to it.
Was surprised to catch at 1.7 mph and again Lead Core Depth Cal came in handy.
5.2 lbs Nice Day 5.2 Lb Smallmouth and a total of 28.55 lbs for 8 smallies.
  One of the Best Years Ever. Not sure of year total, but it was a lot. Many over 4 lbs