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Next Version Consideration
Due to lost of my fishing boat its unlikely that revisions will occur in near future.
The App does what it was created to do and has had some very excellent feedback.

 Last tests performed 10/2018 again confirmed accuracy. Enjoy and have a Great Day Fishing.
Next version likey late 2018, will address better way to handle Sink lost Factor.
When more than 3.9 colors are let out line flattening becomes a factor and as more line is let out lost increases (Have not seen total flat curve howvever).  Users are instructed in the View Version Info when they should make use of the Sink Lost Factor Feature which can be very important if you're trying to go down deep. However not everyone checks the Version Info so I'm likely to have a pop up message come up at 4 colors out or greater in the future.  Sorry if your reading this and weren't aware of sink lost factor importance.
Leader length:
Considering adding leader lenght effects - From 10 - 36' with leader line (12lb test).
Sufix Advance does have a higher sink rank and will have to be compensated for, via compensator.

Sufix 832

The Positive - line is smaller in size taking about a third less reel space, runs deeper and should be more sensitive, snd likely will spook fish less.

The Negative - harder to get a clean cut with scissors, harder to use Willis Knot with 12lb fluorocarbon line, and higher cost.

Next version update not set yet.
Feel free to email questions:       markrmarks@comcast.net